Tuesday,  Wonderful Tuesday----they are back, and the sparrows are not bothering them. The bluebirds are back working on their nest. I don't understand any of this. Birddom is a complicated business.

This evening  I logged into some bluebird sites. I read about sparrows and the monofilament line. Tomorrow, the 4th of July, we are going to apply the method to the arbor and bird house.  Now things are making alittle more sense.

Now  to my way of thinking---if alittle bit is good, allot has to be much better. I have fishing line strung all over the place! Any place a sparrow can lite, there is fishing lline above it. I strung it down both sides of the top of the picket fence. Damn the sparrows!!!

While  stringing the monofilament, the male bluebird periodically flew overhead . Also, a yellow finch was around. Finishing  installing the fish line and returning to the house, the male had already returned to the arbor!  It was less than 15 seconds. He studied the line, looked in the birdhouse hole and started to sing. That lasted about 10 minutes, then he flew off. The female seems to be much more wary.

Both bluebirds were at the house this morning.(Thursday)  Both went inside and the female perched on the fishing line. Both were gone by 8:00 am when I left for work. Did not see them at all after work. Betty said there was not a sparrow in  the area all day!

The rest of the week  and the week-end the birds were busy working on their nest. Sometime during Monday or Tuesday the female started staying in the nest, leaving on and off for only a short time.

Today, Wednesday, we started to video the action, wondering why we did not think of it before. Looking at the tape, which ran from 1pm to 3pm, the female left the nest only one time. Time she was away was 7 minutes. Otherwise she would stick her head out of the hole once in a while. The male did not show up during this time.

On Wednesay evening a male and female yellow finch visited the arbor. They are no longer welcome there. The bluebirds evicted them immediatly!  The monofilament works great. NO sparrows at all, and only  a couple of wrens, that do not stay long. The front entry to our house has now become a blind to take pictures. Replacing the full length glass from our screen door with plastic covered cardboard I can now insert the lens through the hole in the cardboard.(my wife is not pleased, to say the least!)

It has to be quite hot inside the house. The temperature is 92* and the sun can beat down on the top of the house. Some foam insulation made for solar panels may give some relief. If the birds will except it maybe it will cool the house a bit.

Today is Saturday--After picking up some photo's of the bluebirds, I learned my photography skills are not all they should be!  Focusing the camera on the house, while  waiting for the bird to show did not work. (to dark)  Also,  the pictures were shot late in the afternoon, through glass, toward the west.(break all the rules!)

Thursday the 19th-- The female has been on the nest all week, leaving for short periods of time. The male is mostly around in the early morning and late in the evening. Having resisting looking in the bird house, this afternoon when she flew away, with the assistance of a ladder I took a fast peek. Three beautiful tiny blue eggs!!! What a sight!  Guess is-- it's about 10 days since the first egg was laid.
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